Back in September I bought a couple of Stachys ‘Big Ears’ plants. It may not surprise you to learn that they were half price! As far as I could tell, this was just because they were fading a little post-summer. They were substantial plants, in 3L pots. Not a lot was happening up top, but there was a decent set of roots on each plant.


In my usual delicate manner, I took the saw to them, cutting each into 3 or 4 roughly even pieces. Each with good roots and some top growth.



I then potted them up in 2L pots using John Innes No3 and they have been living it up in the cold frame ever since.


Each of the divisions has put on a fair bit of growth over the last few months. They should make a good group, two maybe, once planted out.

This cultivar of stachys is grown for its larger leaves, and a darker purple in the flower department. It is drought tolerant and makes a good weed supressing ground cover. I think I will plant them towards the front of one of the newer borders, perhaps with some hardy geraniums for company.

I’ll be back anon with more propagation perambulations.