Back in mid-October I took some cuttings of gaura and penstemon. It was a little late in the year but I wondered if it would work in the hydropod.

A few months later many of them had decent roots.


I made up a loose compost mix, just multipurpose with some added sand, vermiculite and leaf mould then potted them up. To do this I pop some compost mix in the pot then suspending the cutting over the compost with one hand I lightly fill with the other. I don’t firm in, just tap the pot gently on the bench to settle it all down.

So with very little effort and fuss, a baker’s dozen of little plants. I have put them in the heated bench under the grow light, I’ll leave them be until I run out of room, when they can be moved to unheated staging.

I’ll be back soon with more propagation piffle.