Just two weeks have passed since the first instalment, but such is the way of seeds that lots has happened since then. Some have germinated where previously there was nothing doing, some have been moved on to pots or trays.

Last year I grew some acer osakazuki seedlings, one of which I still have hibernating in a 1L pot in the cold frame. It is just a few inches tall and bare of leaves for now. I included some more acer seeds in my monster seed order, acer davidii this time. Three have germinated well, I have potted them up since taking this photo. I chose this variety for the interesting bark. It grows big if allowed the space, so if I am to keep it I may have to grow it bonsai-stylie.

The lupins are growing on strongly. I pricked them out into 1L pots to give some depth as the roots were very long already. The true leaves are coming through and will soon take on that distinctive lupin form. I think I’ll be moving these on to individual pots quite soon.

The delphinium seedlings have grown to the point where I can prick them out. They look very much like some of the mystery seedlings, perhaps they are also delphiniums. The true leaves will give us more of a clue once they appear properly.

Agastache and dianthus seedlings, pricked out in a shared half-tray are growing on nicely. They are leaning a little towards the light, I will turn the tray.

My foxglove odyssey is well under way. Last time I had pricked out d. purp. albiflora and grandiflora, I have now added lutea to the tray. I gather that albiflora and lutea cross agreeably to form a distinct variety, Digitalis x mertonensis, the strawberry foxglove. Perhaps I’ll be lucky next year.

The burkheya purpurea are revealing their spiky nature as the true leaves emerge. I’m pleased with how well they are growing on.

Just one solitary seedling of the leucanthemum has shown itself thus far. I’m pretty sure these are what my mother referred to as “dog daisies”, not entirely complementary I suspect. Perhaps I don’t want too many of these anyway.

Sown on 26th January, the liatris spicata have begun to germinate. I gather it is known in some parts as ‘gay feather’. Matron. They are small and few in number so I will hold off moving them on for a few days yet.

Geraniums are a plant for which I am fast getting a thing. I bought a bunch past their best last autumn but also enjoyed growing some from seed last year. I have a few varieties this year and the first have come through. I’ve pricked the sanguineum out into a 1L pot, shared accommodation for now.

These primula vialli are still mini, too mini even for me to attempt moving on, I will leave them be for a week or two.

The mexican fleabane are still in their 7cm pot but are now almost ready for me to prick out, I may do that one evening this week.

Most of the germination action has been in pots stashed in the heated bench. The only exception to this is the geraniums which have been on unheated staging in the greenhouse. No sign of anything in the pots stored outside, they are in the slow lane. They may not have caught enough of the winter to break dormancy so I may not see anything there until next year.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon with another seedy update.