Following up on the original post, I have news. A month or so ago I lost the will to wait and decided to lift a couple of the more promising cuttings. There were roots, but only just. I was chancing my arm a little.

Still, three young plants were duly potted up and have been doing quite nicely since. I resolved to wait until the end of the month before turning any more out.

On Wednesday this week I did the deed. I was initially very encouraged. The first couple of cuttings I removed had excellent roots, much better than the earlier group.

Those remaining were duds. Plenty of top growth but nothing underneath, all mouth and no trousers!

Interestingly I noticed there was a lot of new root growth left in the cuttings compost. Perhaps I was too cavalier with my disinterring, perhaps I broke off good roots. Maybe, we’ll never know. I decided to repot the stumpy cuttings. we’ll see what happens, they may yet root.

All in all it has worked out quite well. I started with one old plant and now have 6, possibly more, new ones. I’ll grow them on a bit then plant them out.

I’ll be back soon with more propagating malarkey.