Somewhat predictably it has become tricky to manage all this mystery seed business. The original tray of 40 mystery seeds dried out, the modules were too small – ok for the winter but a sunny day sucks all the moisture out of them. In any case they had largely stopped germinating. I’m curious but not curious enough to keep the tray for a year to see what happens. So, those that had already been pricked out and/or potted on are what’s left. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Since the very small seedlings are next to impossible to identify I’ll just show the larger potted on varieties this time. There are a few I think I can identify but mostly not yet.

See any you recognise?

These are poppies, 95% certain. No idea which kind, of course.

I’m fairly sure these are hollyhocks, they are very similar to some known seedlings I have.

These both look like polemonium, I got some in last years lucky dip selection.

The rest, I have not (yet) got a clue, with the possible exception of 46 which may be begonia (or possibly geranium).

Let me know if you can ID any!

I’ll be back in a while with a other update.