This plant is new to me this year. It is a cousin of cottage garden favourite, verbena bonariensis. I bought 10 as bareroots last winter and they have grown on very nicely. As is often the case when I’m confronted with a nicely growing plant, I wondered whether they would be easy to propagate.

I took a few stems. I was a little worried as the stems are kind of hollow, not usually easy to root.

cuttings of verbena hastata

Each is enough for a two or three cuttings, the stems were dismembered thus.

how to propagate verbena hastata

I also trimmed off one of each pair of leaves. By the time I finished I had quite a few cuttings to use.

cuttings verbena hastata

Some I put in the hydropod, some in a pot of gritty compost which was then watered and placed inside a sealed Ziploc bag.

how to take cuttings of verbena hastata

I needn’t have worried about the hollow stems. Just 10 days later the cuttings in the hydropod were already well rooted.

taking cuttings of verbena hastata

I potted them up, watered them then they spent a week in half-way house accommodation, a plastic tub with the lid on. I had been finding that plants removed from the hydropod wilted in the more open atmosphere of the greenhouse, they seem much happier in the tub.

20190614_171128-490x1008.jpgOne week later I also see roots emerging from the pot.


This plant really wants to be propagated! I’m going to take some more as it was so satisfyingly straightforward.

I’ll be back soon with more propagation monkey business.