I’ll be brief as I am rushing out to what I hope is a bargain-tastic plant sale at East Ruston Old Vicarage Gardens, a beautiful place we visited earlier in the week. This week’s Six mostly comes from there too.

1 – Dahlias a-plenty.  Some of the many, in both number and variety, dahlias in the various sections of garden.

2 – Trees, lines of.

3 – Foliage. My eye was drawn to several interesting shapes and textures.

4 – A grand entrance. At this garden they have many large displays involving pots. Plants are crammed in and many of them look very impressive.

5 – Nerine. In one of the glasshouses there was a good display of nerines. This was my favourite.

6. Finally, our extremely local beach, scant yards from the back door, scene of several walks, a bit of paddling and some proper autumn weather.

That’s me for this week, normal service resumes next weekend for the next #SixOnSaturday.