I’m back in my own garden again this week, and it looks like summer is back for a few days, warm sunshine being the pattern of things. The garden is still going gangbusters, everything seems to be growing well and all is lush. I’ll whisper it, but I’m looking forward to autumn properly coming into play so I can have a tidy up and plant some bulbs. So many bulbs. In the meantime, let’s do this #SixOnSaturday thing. Six things, in the garden, on a Saturday. Could be anything – a flower, a job to do, a pest, a harvest, a new purchase, aything at all. Join in!

Here are mine for this week.

1 – Salvia ‘Amethyst Lips’. I bought this as a very small plant earlier this year, an afterthought in a bigger order when I was fully in the grip of an enthusiastic “support our nurseries” phase earlier in lockdown. As suspected, I think I prefer it to the ubiquitous ‘hot lips’. It hasn’t flowered terribly profusely but I am giving it a free pass this year given how tiny it was on arrival.

2 – Euphorbia cornigera, horned spurge. I’d almost forgotten this plant was even in my garden. It is swamped by surrounding plants, but this stem has made a bid for freedom. I should move the plant as it is quite eye catching when the flowery things (bracts?) are out in their electric lime-green finery.

3 – Dahlia. Bought in a recent pity bench frenzy that also saw several bargain clematis plants find their way into my trolley, these dahlia plants were slightly sorry looking but for £1 each I was prepared to take a chance on them. A quick tidy up and a feed and they were just fine. Short plants, they are brightening up my patio.

4 – Tropaeolum tuberosum ‘Ken Aslet’. A variety of mashua, a central and south american native, the tubers of which can be eaten, apparently. I shall be reserving mine for strictly ornamental purposes. The tubers were sent to me last winter, I kept them in sand then planted them in pots in early spring before planting them later in the spring. Two or three of them have grown very well, producing a lot of foliage to 6′, and latterly some flowers. I hope that they will settle in. In theory they need lifting but I think I will leave them in the ground, the slugs etc don’t seem to fancy them much and my soil is free draining.

5 -Aster ‘St Michaels’. I bought this and one other variety at Waterperry a couple of years ago. They did not perform well the following year, flopping all over the place, so I never got the benefit of the normal profusion of flowers. This year, I’m pleased to say, I was on my game with the plant supports, so they are nice and upright, have formed quite a clump and are beginning to flower their socks off.

6 – Sedum (or Hylotelephium if you want to be newfangled about it) ‘Mr Goodbud’. I spotted this at an ill advised plant fair in Norfolk last week. The plant fair was fine, nothing ill-advised about it but me going to it was, I was unable to resist buying several plants, this one among them. It has a more upright habit than some sedums and a definite purple tinge to the flowers. Currently languishing in its pot in the waiting area (it is in good company), I hope to find a place to plant it. Eventually.

Those are my Six, what are yours? If you’d like to take part, just publish your post and pop a link to it in the comments below. If you also mention my blog in yours that would be totes mazeballs. For more details you can read the brief participant guide.

Have a super gardening weekend and don’t forget to pop back later on as more links are added during the day.

Stay safe, I’ll be back next weekend with another #SixOnSaturday.