As I sit here on Friday writing this, it has been raining heavily all day. No doubt good for the garden, but not good for getting photos taken. I retreated to the dry of the greenhouse so have restricted myself to Six things, in the Greenhouse, on a Saturday! The garden has been responding well to the recent sunshine and will I’m sure kick on again in response to the good soaking it has had.

Here are my Six for this week…

1 – Ammi majus. I should have planted these out ages ago, but here they are, in the greenhouse. I was a bit put off by Monty Don saying it was too late for them, but what does he know? I’ll get them in the ground next weekend. Maybe.

2 – Ricinus communis ‘Red Giant’. I want to wait till these are quite substantial plants before putting them out in the garden. They are about 45cm at the moment, and could probably do with being potted on once more. They will add good height and a bit of tropical pizazz to the borders.

3 – Wallflower seedlings. As Meatloaf sang, two out of three ain’t bad. With next year in mind I sowed wallflowers a couple of weeks back, three varieties. As you can see, two of the three are going well (‘My fair lady’ and ‘Fire king’, of the third, ‘Ruby Gem’, there is no sign. Nuffink.

4 – Greenhouse toms. I have 8 plants stuffed in here. Six are in 20L tubs, two in smaller 9L buckets. All seem to be doing well, they are all a good 5′ tall, and will grow on to reach the apex of the greenhouse. I have them growing up canes initially, then up strings. I seem to have plenty of flowers and with daily shaking of the plants, hopefully I can encourage sufficient pollenation to get a good crop. The first to fruit are ‘Maskotka’, shown here, although I do also have a few ‘Traveller’ or ‘Pilgrim’ tomatoes but still very small (merci Fred).

5 – Chilli flower. The chilli plants have been a mixed bag this year, I don’t know why. Some plants have limped along, looking very washed out. They are all in the same compost, all have been watered at the same time, and there is no obvious link to variety. Most odd. I have enough plants anyway, more than enough. For want of somewhere more roomy to put them, they are crammed into one end of the heated bench.

6 – Morning glory, ‘grandpa ott’. This is another plant that should be in the garden. It is flowering here in a desperate attempt to ensure future generations before it dies of thirst. Bad gardener.

Those are my Six, what are yours? If you’d like to take part, just publish your post and pop a link to it in the comments below. If you also mention my blog in yours that would be lovely. For more details you can read the brief participant guide.

Have a fab gardening weekend, I hope it stays dry for you. I will get bits and bobs done, but mostly we will either be visiting or being visited.

Stay safe, I’ll be back next weekend for another #SixOnSaturday.