Apologies for my tardiness, but I have now been able to get out into the garden. I normally write this on a Friday but got caught up in work yesterday and totally forgot. Still, better late than never…

1 – Crocus, yellow. When I was potting something daffs for the garden table I found some crocus bulbs already occupying this pot. They are holding the fort till the daffs emerge.

2 -Rose ‘Ali Baba’ pre and post pruning. This rose went nuts last year and was draped all over the garden. It needed taking in hand. I’ve removed some stems, removed the leaves and tied it in. It should respond with lots of side shoots and eventually blooms

3 – Allium roots. When I was planting the too-many alliums I bunged 4 or 5 each into 2L pots with the idea I’d plant them out “later”. I need to get on and do that now I’ve cleared most of the borders and can see the gaps.

4 – Talking of alliums these onions (possibly shallots) were left in the ground last summer during my extended “can’t be arsed” phase. I need to dig them up and bin them. I’m not going to grow any veg this year, I might use the patch for a nursery bed. Except I’m not planning to grow any new plants either…

5 – Rose Mme Isaac Pereire, a side shoot. I thought this rose might have died behind a bunch of clutter, starved of light. It’s fine, moght even have some flowers this year.

6 – Daffs. Unlike my very belatedly planted new daffs, these are established and emerging at the expected time. Tete-a-tete, I think.

Back next week!

I’ll leave my earlier placeholder here so that the comments below make sense!

I’m not going to get around to this until this afternoon, so putting this here for now so you can all get going!