We have had some more rain, several hours of good light rain yesterday. Just in time for the hose-pipe ban. I now need to not only gather elusive enthusiasm for the watering task, but now it’s more difficult, I have to use a watering can. I’ll still fill it with the hose, but them’s the rules. Pffft.

Here are my Six for this week.

1 – Rose ‘Harlow Carr’. This is a confirmed ID, the label is still attached, which means last week’s pink rose was ‘Gabriel Oak’, not ‘Harlow Carr’. Mystery solved.

2. Rhodedendron ‘Wine & Roses’. I bought this in a garden centre frenzy, back before the summer got too unusually hot and unmanageable. Planted in a big patio pot for now, it seems to be doing OK despite my rather sporadic watering. A compact, evergreen variety, I may leave it in this pot for the duration, we’ll see how big it gets. I think these must be flower buds, but that remains to be seen, they’re not due to flower till the spring.

3 – Geranium ‘Crystal Lake’. This plant is suffering a little from the dry weather, the flowers are very small, or at least they seems smaller than I remember them being in previous years. I might need to move it to a more conducive location. I really like the colour and the markings.

4 – Rose ‘Dame Judy Dench’. The final rose in my triplet of shrub roses that are now planted in the big planters on the patio. The plant is looking a little distressed, lack of water during it’s critical bedding in period, plus I haven’t been diligent in feeding my roses this year. Must try harder. Still, nice colour, and it smells fabulous.

5 – Rose ‘Crispy Brown’. Sheesh. Rose ‘Claire Austin’, in fact, but she is looking a little, um, parched. Poor Claire. I will give her a good drink, but I fear she may be beyond salvage. There might be a resurrection next spring, so I won’t lose hope just yet. Not looking good…

6 – Dwarf hops. Well, at least it’s not brown.

Those are my Six, I need to go now and water things the hard way.

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Have a great weekend, good luck with the gardening!

I’ll be back next time with another #SixOnSaturday.