I shall be brief as I’m busy decorating. Still. I’m on a mission, and anyway the weather has been too rubbish for much gardening.

1 – Dahlia, pinkun. I bought this for 50p a couple of months ago. The blooms were nearly all.faded but I thought with a bit of deadheading it’ll be fine. Well it was fine. Eventually.

2 – Sweet peas. I may have gone overboard on the sweet peas for 2021. I’ve sown two per root trainer module, so 64 seeds/plants, but then I doubled up with a whole other root trainer system. I may have 128 plants next year. Oops. As you can see they are already up in numbers, those collected fresh this year being most enthusiastic.

3 – Cercis canadensis ‘forest pansy’. The victim, I think, of wind scorch on a hot windy day, half the leaves fell off at once, just on one side. The rest are doing what they’re supposed to do , colouring up nicely.

4 – Cyclamen (not pelargonium) leaf.

5 – Hydrangea ‘annabel’, faded glory.

6 – Rose ‘zsouvenir du Dr Jamain’. A cracker, by all accounts, splendid fragrance and perfect for a shady spot. Planted just last weekend it is just beginning to put out some baby shoots.

That’s yer lot from me for this week, normal service to be resumed next weekend.