Happy New Year! 2021 will have to try pretty hard to be worse than 2020 so I am hopeful of better things. I still have not planted the remaining daffs. Anyhow, time for Six on Saturday, you know the drill.

Here are my Six for this week.

1. Hellebore, new growth. H. ‘pink lady’, I think. Pink something anyway, and very welcome too.

2. Christmas tree debris. Still cluttering up the patio are these prunings, the result of my annual battle to get the wretched tree to fit in to the wretched stand. Not of the garden, but definitely in it.

3. Abutilon ‘suntense’. I grew this from seed a few years ago. It has been slow to establish but will allegedly get to 15′ eventually. I’ll have to contain it to 6 or 7 feet as I have it growing up a fence. It is currently about 4′ and I am hopeful that I may see the first flowers on it this summer. If happy they can be absolutely covered in blue mallow-like flowers. Semi-evergreen, it is still full of leaves, a rare spot of greenery in the mostly brown front garden.

4. Lobelia tupa. A few years old now, this is one of those big plants that grows from teeny tiny seeds. This one grew to 7′ or so last year, a record. I cut it back hard the other day, there is already a lot of new growth at the base.

5. Carrots, after a fashion. The final batch from 2020 sowing. There were three or four in this lot that wouldn’t have been embarrassed to share a bag of Class 3 oddments but the rest were useless. Entirely normal carrot harvest then….

6. Crocus, emerging. I’ve been looking out for these and just spotted the first ones today. I don’t see any sign of those in the lawn, perhaps I was too impatient with my moving last summer.

That’s your lot, I’m on the hook to make the dinner so I had best get on with it. Have a great weekend.

I’ll be back next weekend with another #SixOnSaturday.