We’re off on holiday today. From the news, it seems we’ll be spending a significant portion of it on the M20. Joy.

I’m the meantime you can do Six on Saturday. I shall be brief as I’m meant to be packing now…

1. Hollyhocks. I used to dislike these, thinking them to be giant hairy leaved weeds. Now I quite like them.

2. Echinops.

3. Rodgersia. So dry here, so little time for watering. Poor Rodger is rather parched. Oops.

4. Virginal creeper. I haven’t quite got around to the summer crowd control and it shows. There is 2 feet of it growing inside the bathroom. On the plus side, with each passing year it is doing an increasingly excellent job of hiding the uneven render.

5. Flutterby.

6. Joe Pye Weed. I removed a big clump of this last year. Persistent bugger.

Back next week for another #SixOnSaturday.