August then, the last month of summer, although September often does a decent impression. Earlier in the week Mrs P and I went to Waterperry Gardens near Oxford, our second visit there. They have a splendid, long herbaceous border and others too, plus the nursery beds, all of which are a blaze of colour. I shall be brief this week as I’m on holiday, my Six this week are from Waterperry.

1 – Helenium ‘Moerheim Beauty’. En masse, a real eyeful. If they’d had any in the shop I would have bought one.

2 – Anthemis ‘EC Buxton’. See above!

3 – Dahlia ‘Bantling’. I’m going to look out for this one when it comes time to buys dahlia tubers. The pom poms are very tight, quite small but plentiful. The plant is short, knee high, maybe a little taller. Good for a patio pot, I’d say.

4 – Crocosmia. Probably lucifer, but possibly something else, I forgot to clock the label.

5 – Rose ‘Tequila Sunrise’. My eyes! My eyes!

6 – Eryngium. Almost the first thing we saw, loads of big clumps of this unlabeled eryngium. I was taken by the whiteness of the petally thangs.

Those are my Six for this week, short and sweet, what are yours? Join in!

I could do another couple of months of SoS posts with the photos I took at Waterperry, but ‘ll be back in my own garden next weekend for another #SixOnSaturday.