As predicted, no gardening done last weekend, what with running foolish distances then snoozing a lot. I have got a fair bit done the last couple of days though. I have weeded, tied in, cut back, moved stuff, mowed, edged, weeded more. I have not yet fed my roses, nor have I pruned. So busy have I been that I forgot it was Friday and thus neglected to write this post till quite late in the evening. I shall be brief…

1. Narcissus jonquilla ‘Kedron’. Nice niff if approached closely.

2. Malus ‘Rudolph’. Festooned.

3. Amalanchier ‘Robin Hill’. Sadly this tree is in blossom but briefly, the merest puff of wind enough to drop the bulk of it on my lawn.

4. Tulip ‘Sunrise Dynasty’. I moved all the tubs up to the patio yesterday on realising that some were flowering away out of sight at the far end of the garden where I’d stashed them.

5. Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’. Could it be this small tree is finally going to prove worthwhile? Signs are it may actually flower this year.

6. Acer palmatum ‘Orange Dream’

Here is a bonus photo or two of the daffs on the table and of the massed ranks of patio tulips.

That’s your lot, I hope you are enjoying the long weekend, and importantly have some gardening in your plans.

I’ll be back next weekend for another #SixOnSaturday.