Close call! It’s 11pm on Friday and just as I was about to head to bed I remembered I have yet to write this week’s post. Eek!

Best get on with it then…

1. Clematis recta purpurea. A funny plant, a herbaceous perennial clematis. It seems to have established well, I think this its 3rd year in the ground. I grew it from seed, so that’s gratifying. It has numerous stems emerging so I think it has bulked up nicely.

2. Tulips! I need to move these tubs up to the patio, some of them will soon be flowering.

3. Malus ‘Rudolph’. Looks like I will have plenty of blossom. Hopefully it doesn’t get hammered by the cold overnight.

4. Pot watch. These daffs are coming on nicely, some flowers buds are now forming so it won’t be long.

5. Hydrangea ‘Annabel’. I was a bit worried a few weeks ago as I couldn’t really see any new growth on this shrub. My concern was unwarranted, there are now plenty of healthy buds bursting forth. I’ll prune it back a bit in a week or two but think I’ll leave it till the current coldish snap is behind us.

6. Narcissi ‘Beauvallon’. Very blousy, but I like it.

That’s all folks, see you next weekend for another #SixOnSaturday.